Annual Subscriptions

  1. How many books can I access with a subscription?
  2. Which titles are included in an annual subscription?
  3. May I download the e-books in my subscription to use when I am not online?
  4. May I print the e-books in my subscription library?
  5. Am I allowed to give others access to my subscription account?
  6. Can I take a look at the subscription and test it before I buy?
  7. What if I don’t want the service for a full year? Do you offer monthly subscriptions?
  8. What are your discounts for multiple users?
  9. Where is the online order button for the subscription service?

  1. With a Full License, you will have access to every e-book (including SAP PRESS E-Bites) that is available for sale on our website at the time your subscription begins. Currently, that’s about 160 SAP PRESS books, and we're planning to add about 50 SAP PRESS E-Bites per year! With a Topic License, the number of books varies depending on the selected topic area. The average amount of titles per topic is 40 books.

    Also, as new books and E-Bites are published within the scope of your subscription (Full or Topic License), they will automatically be added to your Online Library.

  2. If you choose to purchase a full annual subscription or a topic subscription, all titles that are available on the day of your subscription activation (books and E-Bites), in either our entire store or within the topic area you chose, are included in your subscription. All titles that publish during the term of your subscription (either in our entire list or in your topic area) will be added to your library automatically for the term of your subscription.
  3. Downloads are not included in the subscription, the books and E-Bites are only accessible from your Online Library. However, you may download and keep any additional coding, templates, and figures that come with the products.
  4. Yes. You are allowed to print individual pages from the online books, but only for personal use. Transferring a printout to third parties is not allowed.
  5. Each account may be accessed by one user only. We expressly prohibit temporarily or permanently passing on your access to the account, the Library, and to the products stored in the Library.
  6. Yes. We currently offer a FREE 48 hour trial of the full or topic license. If you are interested, please send your request to You must have an account on in order to participate in the trial.
  7. Please send your request to A representative will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.
  8. The discount for multiple users varies depending on the number of users. To receive pricing information, please send us an email with the number of users and the type of license you want to
  9. You can sign up for the subscription by contacting us at You will receive a response within 24 hours.