Mobile App

  1. I bought a subscription—why aren’t any books shown in the app?
  2. Is the app for subscribers only, or can anyone use it?
  3. Can I download books with the app?
  4. Which operating systems does the app support?
  5. Is a desktop version of the app available?
  6. How do I search for specific books?
  7. How can I organize my library/downloads?
  8. Do I have to download a book to read it, even when I’m using WiFi?
  9. Can I add books that I’ve purchased to other reading platforms, such as iBooks?
  10. Is there a limit to how many books I can download?
  11. Can I highlight and make comments in my downloaded books/E-Bites?
  12. Can I bookmark my place in my book downloads?
  13. Is there an audio/voice option?
  14. Can I customize the font/font size?
  15. Can I print from the app?
  16. Can I zoom in on figures? How do I then go back to the text?
  17. If an e-book is no longer distributed, will I still have access to it in the app?
  18. Why does my online library contain different books than my library in the app?
  19. How do I log out of the app? What effect would this have on my Library/Downloads?
  20. What happens when my subscription expires? Will my books disappear from the Library/Downloads pages?
  21. I can't access my subscription books—what's going on?
  22. How do I manage my subscription (such as cancelling, making changes to my account, etc.)?

  1. Did you activate your subscription? After purchasing your subscription, you should have received an email with a subscription license code. Click on the link in the e-mail, or copy the key and paste it into the field “Enter License Key” in the Library section on our website. You will then have immediate access to all products you subscribed to, online and in the app.
  2. Anyone can use it! You can use the app to read e-books included in your subscription or to read your e-book purchases. If you have both a subscription and purchased e-books, you’ll see them all in your library.
  3. Yes! In the Library, click on the download icon ↓ to load a book into your Downloads section. You can read it offline from there as long as your subscription is active and as long as you don’t log out of the app.
  4. The app runs on iOS 10.2 and higher or Android 8 and higher.
  5. At this time, we are not planning to release a desktop app.
  6. We’re working on it, and will ship this functionality soon!
  7. At this time, you can sort your library, your favorites, and your downloads by title, publication date, and last-read date. The ability to create custom lists is in the works!
  8. At this point, you have to download an e-book to read it. We’re working on online reading capability and will ship it with one of the next releases.
  9. Yes, but not from the app. To add e-books to other e-book readers, you have to download them from the website. Please refer to the e-book help section on our website for instructions on how to do this. This functionality is not available for books that are part of a subscription only.
  10. You can download a maximum of 20 items (books/E-Bites) on your device.
  11. You can highlight text in your downloaded e-books, and you can add annotations to a highlighted section. Your highlights are accessible via the navigation icon in the reader.
  12. We’re working on it, and will ship this functionality soon!
  13. We’re working on it, and will ship this functionality soon!
  14. Yes! In the reader menu, tap on the Aa button. You can adjust the font size, choose between settings for day and night, select different fonts, and change the direction of scrolling.
  15. There is currently no print functionality in our app. You can, however, print individual pages from our web application.
  16. Yes! To open a figure as a separate file, tap once. Click “Close” to close it.
  17. Yes! As long as you have an active subscription, we won’t remove any of the books or E-Bites that were a part of it at any point. However, if your subscription expires and you renew at a later point, out-of-print products will not be part of your renewal.
  18. At this point, unfortunately, the two libraries are not the same thing. The Library in the app contains all products you can currently access (books/E-Bites that you bought as well as books/E-Bites that you subscribed to). To make your app library more manageable, you can add individual titles to your Favorites list. The library on our website, meanwhile, contains all of your purchased books and E-Bites, as well as all subscribed books and E-Bites that you added to your library via the book selection panel (the “Book Subscriptions” button). Essentially, your library on our website is your subscription favorites list, plus all titles you have purchased. For architectural reasons, it will take us some time to synchronize these two systems.
  19. You’ll find the log out option in the app settings. The contents of your library will not change if you log off, but your downloads will be removed.
  20. If your subscription expires, you won’t be able to see e-books that were subscribed to, and the corresponding downloads will be removed from your device. You will only see e-books that you purchased.
  21. If you can't access your subscription, please check your customer account on our website, section “Your Subscriptions”. You should see information about the subscription that you are trying to access. Has your most recent payment failed? Did you cancel your subscription a while ago and your last subscription term has expired? If either of these are the case, you will be able to either update your payment information or renew your subscription. If you see any other problems in your customer account, or if the status suggests that your subscription is active, but you still can't get access, please contact our customer service.
  22. You can manage your subscription via your customer account on our website