Rheinwerk Publishing

We are Rheinwerk Publishing.

We publish books and e-books that educate the IT and business community. Our goal is to create the resources that help accelerate your learning journey—whether you’re a beginner or an expert; a consultant or a business user; a developer, an administrator, or an IT manager.

The best publications take time and skill to prepare, and we take our contributions to the training industry seriously. We listen to what our customers want, from introductions about new software products to instructions for detailed technical tasks. We engage with the IT and business community, consult with experts, and consider reader feedback.

We fine-tune everything, from the main concepts to the physical dimensions or file sizes. Book ideas and drafts are drawn up, evaluated, and either improved or dismissed; only what is really convincing makes its way into our library.

We select our authors with the same care, and partner only with subject matter experts who have hands-on experience and a skill for teaching. Our authors trust their editors’ thoughtful, practical feedback, and come back to us with new book ideas.

Similarly, our customers trust us to produce high-quality resources that will advance their careers: making their day-to-day work more productive and enjoyable, updating their skills for new technologies, and creating new opportunities to both learn and teach others. Thoughtful book design is critical to achieving this outcome: Before a manuscript is published as a book or an e-book, our development editors work on content organization and readability; our copyeditors and proofreaders check grammar and catch typos; and our production editors design the illustrations and oversee the page layout.

The same high editorial standards apply to our production processes. From printing to shipping, we work with vendors that we know personally—most of whom we’ve known for years. Together we compare color samples, stress-test book bindings, and walk through our Ypsilanti, Michigan and Gütersloh, Germany warehouses. You won’t find us cutting corners or compromising on product quality.

For us, the publishing process isn’t over when someone hits “Print.” You’ll find our marketing team both at conferences and online, building global partnerships and showcasing our authors on every channel. Our accountant handles author paperwork and royalty payments with precision; our sales team meets with organizations and individuals looking to re-imagine their training requirements and platforms; and our colleagues in customer care are just an email away, ready to resolve any concerns you may have about our products or your account. We’re committed to staying connected with our customers, and are always eager to consider your feedback.

At Rheinwerk Publishing, content is our craft. As publishing professionals in the age of digital information, we’re delighted to become part of your learning journey.

Our History

Rheinwerk Publishing was founded in 1999 in Bonn, Germany, under the name “Galileo Press.” What was important to us then still shapes our work today: creating high-quality publishing products that benefit readers, without the red tape found at multi-national publishing corporations.

Our first publications in Germany were centered around classic IT topics, desktop publishing, and web design. In partnership with the German software industry leader SAP SE, our imprint SAP PRESS was born as a specialized publisher for the SAP community. Here are some of our organizational highlights:

  • 2002: We began publishing SAP PRESS books in English.
  • 2006: We opened an office in Boston to better reach the U.S. and international markets.
  • 2009: We started experimenting with digital content, and launched BooksOnline to make our books accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  • 2012: We introduced SAP PRESS e-books so readers can download our resources in PDF and EPUB formats.
  • 2014: We developed a new global website to provide our customers with a quality shopping experience. .
  • 2015: We launched a new publishing product, E-Bites, to meet a growing need for shorter resources on quickly changing topics.
  • 2017: We created a new online subscription platform that allows customers to subscribe to all our publications or a subset by topic.
  • 2018: We released a mobile application to house customers’ e-book libraries and facilitate on-the-go learning.
  • 2022: We launched a new imprint, Rheinwerk Computing, to expand our readership to include both SAP and non-SAP professionals looking to improve their programming, administration, business intelligence, and IT skills.

Today, SAP PRESS is the only publisher in the world that offers a comprehensive book and e-book library on SAP topics, and our new Rheinwerk Computing venture gives us opportunities to reach readers beyond any single IT vendor’s borders. Meanwhile, our parent company, Rheinwerk Publishing, remains the leading IT, design, and digital photography publisher in Germany. We’re grateful to our community of customers and authors who value high-quality resources and excellence in publishing like we do.