Rheinwerk Publishing

Hello, we are Rheinwerk Publishing,

the world’s leading publisher on SAP topics. Under our imprint SAP PRESS, we publish books and e-books for beginners and experts; SAP users and consultants; developers, administrators, and IT managers.

We don’t just publish—we create publishing products. We listen to what our customers want. We enable, we design, and we create. We publish the products that you so urgently need.

With our work, we strive to accomplish something that deserves your appreciation and helps you reach your professional goals. Thus, high quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

Good publishing products need preparation. We invest a lot of time and energy into conceptual work, consult with experts, and consider reader feedback. Ideas and drafts are drawn up, evaluated, improved, or dismissed; only what is really convincing will make its way onto our list.

We select our authors with the same care. It is important to us to work with authors who share our high quality standards. We advise them from their first conceptual drafts until their book goes to print or e-book production. In close cooperation we can best succeed at meeting the customers’ expectations and creating the basis for a successful book.

Before a manuscript is published as a book or an e-book, many people make contributions: The technical reviewer verifies contents; copyeditors and proofreaders take care of style, grammar, and typos; the development editor works on organization of content and readability. The production editor creates the figures and ensures that the typesetter does a good job on the book layout. On the imprint page of your book or e-book, you will find the names of those who contributed to the product.

For our production processes, from layout to print, binding, and e-book creation, we work with vendors that we know personally; most of whom we have known for years. We don’t believe in “offshoring” production to vendors we have never met. We believe in quality, made in the U.S.A. and in Germany. This guarantees high production standards, faster product availability, and environmentally responsible processes. We’re happy to pay extra for these perks.

Publishing is a team effort. Good publishing products need a good team. Quality can only emerge where standards have been set and adherence to these standards is of paramount importance. Good customer service is made possible only where the environment is friendly and open-minded. We are committed to a company culture that motivates, creates a sense of community, and lets everyone enjoy their success.

Our History

Rheinwerk Publishing was founded in 1999 in Bonn (Germany) under the name “Galileo Press”. What was important to us then still determines our work this very day; creating publishing products of high quality that benefit the readers, without the restrictions and the red tape found at the large multi-national publishing corporations. Our first publications in Germany were centered around classic IT topics, desktop publishing, and web design. And, of course: SAP R/3. SAP SE has been our partner from the first day of our company. Together, we planned and created the imprint SAP PRESS. Highlights of the imprint’s international history include:

  • 2002 we published the first SAP books in English language for the U.S. and international markets.
  • 2003 we started cooperations with publishing partners in China and Japan.
  • 2006 we opened our first office in Boston, MA to grow our English program and reach out to English-language authors.
  • 2009 we launched »BooksOnline«; electronic versions of our books, accessible from anywhere at any time.
  • 2012 we introduced SAP PRESS e-books. Since then, all our new and most of our backlist titles are available for download in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.
  • 2014 we launched our new website www.sap-press.com and insourced marketing and sales of our products.
  • 2015 we gave ourselves a new name: From now on, Galileo Press is named Rheinwerk Publishing.
  • 2017 we launched a new subscription platform. Our readers can now subscribe to all our products or a subset of publications in their topic of interest.

Today, Rheinwerk Publishing is the only publisher in the world that offers a comprehensive book and e-book program on SAP topics, and we are the leading IT, design, and digital photography publisher in Germany. We are thankful for this success and for the positive feedback we receive from our readers. It makes us confident that well-made publishing products will continue to be valued as highly as we think they should be.