1. What is an E-Bite?
  2. Which formats are E-Bites available in?
  3. Are E-Bites equipped with copy protection?
  4. How do I get my E-Bite?
  5. Are E-Bites available for all SAP topics?
  6. Some E-Bites are taken from already published books—has this content been updated?
  7. If I own an E-Bite that is taken from a book, do I receive a discount on the purchase of the book?
  8. Are E-Bites part of SAP PRESS subscription plans?

  1. An SAP PRESS E-Bite is an e-book publication on a focused topic. E-Bites provide detailed instructions on a specific task; or they cover a small, but crucial sub-component of a larger SAP product; or they introduce a newly released SAP product that is too new to publish a full-fledged book on. They are typically between 50 and 100 pages long (PDF version) and optimized for on-screen reading. E-Bites can be original publications, or they can be chapters from an already published SAP PRESS book.
  2. Like all our e-books, E-Bites come in the following formats: PDF, EPUB, and online book.
  3. Like all our e-books, you can share E-Bites among all your devices—they are not protected with DRM technology. However, every E-Bite is equipped with a digital watermark (name and e-mail address of the owner along with a unique serial number). You can copy your E-Bite as often as you like, but only for your personal use, please!
  4. Like all our e-books, E-Bites are downloaded via your personal Library. Upon completion of the checkout process, you’ll receive an activation link via e-mail. Click this link or copy it into your web browser’s address field. Subsequently, you may have to create an account or log on again to the Library using your e-mail address and password. There, you’ll find your E-Bite ready for download and/or online reading.
  5. E-Bites are rolled out step-by-step: We start with the topics of Programming and FI/CO, Logistics and BI/EIM will follow by the end of 2015. More topic areas are likely to be covered in 2016.
  6. If we consider a book chapter for an E-Bite publication we make sure that the content is worth being published: up-to-date, complete, and of value for you, the reader. The chapters are turned into standalone publications: We remove irrelevant content and update heading and figure numberings. Outdated content will never be published as an E-Bite.
  7. Yes! Every E-Bites that is taken from a book contains a personal coupon code (check section “What’s Next?” at the end of the E-Bite). This code will give you a one-time $10 discount on the purchase of the original book.
  8. Yes! Our subscription plans contain all SAP PRESS publications, or all SAP PRESS publications in a specific topic area, depending on the plan—E-Bites included!