The authors of »Transaction Manager in SAP Treasury and Risk Management«

Rudolf Bryša

Photo of Rudolf Bryša
Rudolf Bryša, Ph.D., studied financials and computer science at Masarykova Univerzita, Brünn, Czech Repulic, and at Georg August University in Göttingen, Germany. In 2012 he was awarded his doctorate degree by the Masarykova Univerzita. Since 2006, Rudolf Bryša has worked at SAP, initially as a support consultant, and in the area of Installed Base Maintenance and Support (IMS) since 2008. As a senior developer, Rudolf is in constant contact with customers, and his work focuses on both technical topics and questions regarding the implementation of business requirements in SAP Treasury and Risk Management.

Thomas Fritzsche

Photo of Thomas Fritzsche
Thomas Fritzsche studied mathematics at Bergische Universität in Wuppertal, Germany. After receiving his degree in mathematics, he started working at SAP AG's SAP Treasury and Risk Management development department in 2002. He initially started in the business management area and processing of financial products, and then transferred to SAP Japan in Tokyo for more than three years. There, he supported numerous international SAP customer projects. He then returned to SAP AG in Walldorf in 2009. Since then, he has primarily worked in the area of treasury position management. As a development architect, his work focuses on the software architecture of the entire SAP Treasury and Risk Management solution.

Markus Heß

Photo of Markus Heß
Dr. Markus Heß studied physics at Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg, Germany. After completing his doctorate work at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, he was awarded his PhD by the Heidelberg University in 1998. In the very same year, he started his professional career at SAP AG. He has always worked in software development for financial applications. Since 2010, he has worked in the SAP Treasury and Risk Management area. In his role as senior developer, he assumes responsibility for the development and architecture of Analyzers, focusing on the Market Risk Analyzer.

Sönke Jarré

Photo of Sönke Jarré
Sönke Jarré trained as a banker before going on to study computer science at the University of Bremen, Germany. After completing his studies, he took up a post in the Treasury and Risk Management area of SAP AG in 2001, where he has since progressed to the role of Senior Developer. His area of expertise is transaction management and its interfaces, and he also supports Installed Base Maintenance and Support (IMS) for customer messages. Sönke’s main areas of responsibility include development projects and application modeling in collaboration and cooperation with adjacent areas.

Reinhold Lövenich

Photo of Reinhold Lövenich
Dr. Reinhold Lövenich studied physics at RWTH Aachen and Jülich Research Center. He was awarded a Ph.D. degree by the University of Dortmund in 1999. After completing a research scholarship at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the U.S., he started work in the Treasury and Risk Management area of SAP AG in 2002. His main tasks as a Senior Developer are in the area of Position Management and its interfaces with adjacent SAP modules. Reinhold’s work is influenced by his collaboration with development teams in other modules, and his previous maintenance work.

Andreas Martin

Photo of Andreas Martin
Dr. Andreas Martin studied mathematics at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany and the University of Warwick, England, and was awarded his doctorate degree by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany. While studying for his Ph.D., he worked as a researcher at the Institute for biomathematics and biometry at the GSF National Research Center for Environment and Health GmbH in Munich. He also spent a one-year research scholarship at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. He has worked in the Financial Services Team for Installed Base Maintenance and Support (IMS) at SAP AG since 2003. It is his work at SAP that gives Andreas his knowledge of Treasury and Risk Management from the viewpoint of developers and users alike, and enables him to take a comprehensive view of architecture, ongoing development, and application.

Klaus G. Müller

Photo of Klaus G. Müller
Dr. Klaus G. Müller studied physics at the University of Bonn, Germany and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany. He was awarded his Ph.D. degree by the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz in 1996. Since then, Klaus has worked at SAP AG in the Treasury and Banking areas, focusing on analytic applications. His areas of responsibility to date are development and support, product management, and project management. He has worked on rollout projects for customers such as MEAG, Provinzial, and Statoil, as well as a variety of pilot projects. In his current role as Development Architect, he deals with architecture issues in Treasury and Risk Management.

Current titles

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    SAP Treasury and Risk Management

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