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Winfried Schwarzmann

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Winfried Schwarzmann is a chief development architect at SAP. Since 2011, he has worked as a trainer for agile software engineering (ASE) and has conducted in-house and external SAP training courses and workshops. He also developed the curriculum for ASE coaches of the SAP S/4HANA organization and the ASE best practices for modernizing ERP. He is the author of Test-Driven Development with ABAP ObjectsTest Data Classes for ABAPDesigning Testable ABAP Classes and Packages, and Parallel Processing with ABAP Objects: Implementation and Testing.

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  • Cover of Test-Driven Development with ABAP Objects

    Test-Driven Development with ABAP Objects

    Winfried Schwarzmann

    594 pages, hardcover

    Better, cleaner code—every developer’s dream. Test-driven development is how you’ll achieve it! From creating a robust test infrastructure to designing methods, classes, and packages that will stand the test of time, this book provides in-depth instructions for revitalizing your programming. More about the book

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    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Use test-driven and agile development to write more robust ABAP programs
    • Clean up new and legacy code, minimize dependencies, and improve development efficiency
    • Create integration tests, component tests, and more
  • Cover of Designing Testable ABAP Classes and Packages

    Designing Testable ABAP Classes and Packages

    Winfried Schwarzmann

    91 pages

    Apply clean design principles to your ABAP classes and packages! Follow detailed, step-by-step examples to design and improve these ABAP development objects. You’ll learn how to identify existing problems, encapsulate and decouple different types of classes and packages, and build More about the book



    • Learn about clean design properties for classes and packages
    • Design encapsulated, decoupled, and testable classes and packages
    • Implement design rules in your own code by following detailed exercises
  • Cover of Parallel Processing with ABAP Objects: Implementation and Testing

    Parallel Processing with ABAP Objects: Implementation and Testing

    Winfried Schwarzmann

    90 pages

    For complex ABAP applications, processing data in parallel saves time and resources. In this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to design and create test infrastructure for parallel processing. A comprehensive sample application will show you each step of your implementation, from More about the book

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    Available on 08/18/2022

    • Design packages for parallelization with ABAP Objects
    • Implement parallel processing in ABAP applications
    • Develop object-oriented test isolation to test parallel processes