Develop readable ABAP Unit tests with test data classes!

Test Data Classes for ABAP



96 pages, E-book formats: EPUB, PDF, online
ISBN 978-1-4932-2217-9
Test data classes are an efficient alternative to the old test data containers—so see how to implement them in your programming! With concrete examples throughout, this E-Bite will walk you step by step through developing and using test data classes. Learn how they improve the testing of all classes including data access classes and API classes. Using tips and tricks for simplifying and enhancing your test data classes, you’ll be glad you made the switch!
  • See how test data classes simplify test data creation
  • Develop test data classes with step-by-step instructions and exercises
  • Create test data for data access classes, API classes, and more

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Winfried Schwarzmann is a chief development architect at SAP. Since 2011, he has worked as a trainer for agile software engineering (ASE) and has conducted in-house and external SAP training courses and workshops.

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