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Get unlimited access to all SAP PRESS books! Read new publications as soon as they are released. Choose between monthly and yearly plans, and add team members at attractive rates! Plus, download your favorite books on your mobile devices with our new app for iOS and Android!

The SAP PRESS Full Subscription lets you customize your library with more than 300 books and E‑Bites. You can also choose one of our Topic Subscriptions in the areas of HANA, Programming, Administration, Finance & Controlling, Logistics, Business Intelligence, or HR. All subscriptions continually grow as we publish 60+ new titles per year across all topics.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, work from home, or prefer the office life, you’ll be able to read your books on any device via your personal SAP PRESS online library, or using our brand-new mobile app!

Pricing and Features

Full Subscription

All SAP PRESS books
and E‑Bites

Topic Subscription

All books and E‑Bites in
selected topic category
Price per Month
Price per Year $699.- $349.-
New publication access Immediately,
all new titles
in selected topic category
Mobile app
Book downloads
via app

via app
Custom libraries
Full text search
individual pages
Online and
telephone support
Discount for additional users (per subscription)
2nd to 5th user: 10 % off
6th to 10th user: 20 % off
11th to 20th user: 50 % off
21st user and more: 75 % off
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App for iOS and Android

With our new app, we meet our subscription customers’ most fervent demand: You can now download the books you’re subscribed to and read them offline. All you need is an active SAP PRESS subscription!

Also, our app delivers your subscription in mobile-native EPUB format: You can adjust font sizes, zoom into images, navigate via the table of contents, and conveniently scroll through the books.

Find more information here or download right now:

See what’s included:

Click on the links below to see an up-to-date list of publications included in each subscription. But remember: Subscription contents will be updated every month as new books and E‑Bites publish!

  • Full Subscription
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Logistics
  • Programming
  • Administration
  • Business Intelligence
  • HANA
  • Human Resources

See how it works:

Buying and Managing an SAP PRESS Subscription
Using an SAP PRESS Subscription

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This has already saved me a few times. Fully recommend to any serious SAP professional!

Fred Verheul, independent SAP developer and SAP Mentor

Sharpen your skills and knowledge with an annual subscription — it is SAP knowledge to go.

Tammy Powlas, SAP Mentor

I am very pleased with the subscription; it has been very helpful at work. I feel strongly it is a great value.

Monica Ballesio, Global IT, Huntsman Corporation

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Pricing Examples for Teams

Would you like to give your entire team access to the SAP PRESS subscription? Benefit from our steep discounts for additional users! Here are some examples of team pricing for 12-month subscriptions:

# of Users Subscription Total Price Total Discount
3 Users Full Subscription $1,957.20
8 Users Programming
(Topic Subscription, single topic)
17 Users Full Subscription $8,457.90
25 Users Logistics
(Topic Subscription, single topic)