Master the intricacies of the condition technique!

Cover of Pricing and the Condition Technique in SAP ERP Cover of Pricing and the Condition Technique in SAP ERP

Pricing and the Condition Technique in SAP ERP







665 pages, , Print edition hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4932-1421-1
665 pages,
E-book formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, online
ISBN 978-1-4932-1422-8
665 pages, , Print edition hardcover
E-book formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, online
ISBN 978-1-4932-1423-5
Wrap your head around pricing and the condition technique with this nuts-and-bolts guide! First become versed in the fundamentals: condition types, master data settings, and condition lists. Then employ standard configurations, from condition records to pricing in sales documents. Use function modules, deploy user exits, and create custom workarounds to pick the right price for your products!
  • Use the condition technique for pricing and related sales processes
  • Configure condition tables, condition types, access sequences, and more
  • Meet advanced pricing requirements such as condition exclusion and currency conversion
About the Book About the E-book 665 pages, hardcover, 1.75 in. Reference book format 6.9 x 9 in. Printed black and white on 60# offset paper from sustainable sources. Smyth-sewn casebound for durability. Reader-friendly serif font (Linotype Syntax 9.5 Pt.). One-column layout. E-book in full color. PDF (35 MB), EPUB (50 MB), and MOBI file (80 MB) for download, DRM-free with personalized digital watermark. Copy and paste, bookmarks, and print-out permitted. Table of contents, in-text references, and index fully linked. Including online book edition in dedicated reader application.

In this book, you'll learn about:

  1. Fundamentals

    Walk step by step through the essential elements of the condition technique and see how condition records, tables, and types form the basis of your calculation. Then set up condition master data and filter condition records with condition lists.

  2. Standard Configuration

    Learn to create a condition table and access sequence, maintain a release status, handle pricing in sales documents, and determine taxes.

  3. Advanced Techniques

    Want to implement data determination via the condition technique? Handle freight surcharges? Add a second or third subtotal field? Kick your pricing practices up a notch with advanced techniques!

Highlights include:

  • Pricing
  • Materials Management (MM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Master data
  • Function modules
  • User exits
  • Configuration
  • Performance and testing
  • Rebate processing

Dr. Ursula Becker has been the development architect responsible for the pricing functionality in SAP ERP since 2009. She studied physics and astronomy at the University of Heidelberg and joined SAP in 1998, after completing her doctorate and two years of research.

Werner Herhuth is a certified consultant in the area of order fulfillment (in SAP ERP) and the author of several SAP courses.

Manfred Hirn was responsible for the development of the condition technique, as well as the billing and pricing functionalities which he helped program, in SAP R/3.

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