The authors of »Mastering HR Management with SAP ERP HCM«

Sven Ringling

Photo of Sven Ringling
Sven Ringling has worked as a consultant with organizations in 8 countries and various industries on improving their human capital. In SAP ERP HCM his focus recently was on performance management, quality assurance (QA), and international rollouts. He co-founded iProCon GmbH in Germany in 2000 and was a managing director until 2008, when he co-founded iProCon HCM Ltd. in the UK. He is now Senior Partner and heads the people strategy practice. His latest projects comprise HR-IT strategy, rightsourcing, change management, and innovation culture.

Jörg Edinger

Photo of Jörg Edinger
Jörg Edinger joined iProCon GmbH in 2002 and became a Managing Director in 2009. He attends to customers of SAP ERP HCM with a focus on payroll, pension schemes, personnel controlling, personnel cost planning, and ESS/MSS. In addition, he supports enterprises in the design of HR metrics outside of the SAP system. Prior to joining iProCon GmbH, he was controller at the German health insurance company Barmer Ersatzkasse. He has many years of practical experience in payroll, pension schemes, and controlling.

Janet McClurg

Photo of Janet McClurg
Janet McClurg is a Platinum SAP America Consultant specializing in HR. She is also a technical editor for The HRExpert Newsletter.

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