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Pravin Datar

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Pravin Datar is a Senior Director of Product Management for SAP Analytics, responsible for co-innovations and enablement for SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. He has a master's degree in industrial engineering and business administration, and more than 25 years of experience with ERP, BI and business planning. He has written more than 25 blogs, articles and how-to guides on various SAP analytics topics.


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    Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud

    Pravin Datar

    131 pages

    Discover what it’s like to have all your analytics in one place with SAP Analytics Cloud! Walk through creating data models, performing data analysis, creating visualizations, and other important BI tasks. Learn how SAP Analytics Cloud supports collaboration and explore More about the book



    • Learn how SAP Analytics Cloud visualizes, analyzes, and shares data
    • Understand the data modeling, visualization, and planning processes
    • Connect data sources and monitor your system