The authors of »Industry 4.0 with SAP«

Dipankar Saha

Photo of Dipankar Saha
Dipankar Saha is an architect for SAP manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions and has worked in several SAP MII implementation projects and also in the product design and development of SAP MII. Dipankar is an SAP-certified associate enterprise architect. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Dipankar has coauthored several books on SAP MII and SAP ME published by SAP PRESS, and has written a few other books and several popular technical blogs and articles on manufacturing and related topics. He regularly participates in different public forums, presenting papers and showcasing applications and solutions on topics related to SAP manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Chandan Jash

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Chandan Jash is a technical architect and SME for SAP ME and SAP MII implementation projects at IBM India. He has worked on many SAP manufacturing implementations, supported SAP MII and SAP ME projects globally in different roles, and has implemented Industry 4.0 standards. Chandan coauthored the book on SAP ME published by SAP PRESS. He has worked with SAP solutions for more than 17 years and has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. Chandan has also participated in the IBM internal forum and SAP community by publishing articles, providing solutions, and presenting at global SAP events.

Soumya Das

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Soumya Das is a manufacturing business function architect and SME for SAP Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions. Soumya has 18 years of experience in the area of manufacturing across different industry segments, covering end-to-end manufacturing solutions that include manufacturing planning, controlling, execution, and analytics. He is an SAP-Certified manufacturing consultant and project manager. Along with technical delivery, Soumya has worked as a process integration manager to ensure seamless deployment of orchestrated enterprise solutions. Soumya has a bachelor’s degree in production engineering and a master’s degree in project management.

Anupkumar Ketkale

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Anupkumar Ketkale has more than a decade of experience in ENR, automotive, and other discrete F&B manufacturing industries leading value-driven digital transformations in an Industry 4.0 context. He spent almost a decade providing management consulting and advisory services for CXOs of several organizations, establishing a strategic vision and mission for their digital organization, and driving digital transformation initiatives that follow best practices. He is currently driving the Industry 4.0 product consultative sales and Industry 4.0 Center of Excellence for an SAP partner organization. Anupkumar graduated from Michigan Technological University with majors in mechanical engineering and hybrid electric vehicles.
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  • Cover of Implementing SAP Manufacturing Execution

    Implementing SAP Manufacturing Execution

    Chandan Jash, Dipankar Saha

    480 pages, hardcover

    Get SAP Manufacturing Execution up and running! Use detailed instructions to configure routing design, data collection, shop order management, and more. Apply real-world scenarios to understand and implement the extensive customization options for SAP ME. Explore public Web Service APIs, More about the book

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    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Implement SAP ME for discrete manufacturing
    • Configure and customize interfaces and master data per business requirements
    • Apply SAP ME functionality to assembly manufacturing scenarios
  • Cover of Implementing SAP MII

    Implementing SAP MII

    Dipankar Saha, Chandan Jash, Sudipta Mukherjee, Supriya Malakar, Abesh Bhattacharjee

    705 pages, hardcover

    Tap into bi-directional integration and analytics with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence. With this bestselling guide, get step-by-step instructions for configuring SAP MII, managing external data connections, developing composite applications, and more. Dive into business logic service transactions and use More about the book

    from $94.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Configure SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence with step-by-step instructions
    • Perform business logic service transactions, use visualization services, and set up the plant information catalog
    • Master overall equipment effectiveness and improve manufacturing KPIs