The authors of »Enterprise Information Management with SAP«

Corrie Brague

Photo of Corrie Brague
Corrie Brague is the director of Data Quality Product Management for SAP, where she defines software solutions that help businesses assess, improve, and monitor their data quality. She participates in ASUG and works with a broad range of customers and partners to support market-driven product direction, as well as enhance the insight of the customer and market space within the development organization. She has more than 15 years of experience in data quality and mail automation software solutions gained through positions in software engineering, project management, development management, and product management.

Ryan Champlin

Photo of Ryan Champlin
Ryan Champlin has more than 14 years of experience in the field of information management, having worked within both engineering and product management organizations.At Business Objects and SAP, he played an instrumental role as a product manager on the industry’s first single platform for data quality and data integration: SAP Data Services. He currently works as the director of engineering within the SAP HANA team at SAP, where he is responsible for driving new innovations on the SAP HANA platform around information management and the data quality management solutions for various SAP applications (e.g., SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP MDG).

Frank Densborn

Photo of Frank Densborn
Frank Densborn is a product manager for SAP Rapid Deployment solutions in the technology area, focusing on data migration and cloud integration. Frank is the package owner of SAP’s Rapid Data Migration rapid-deployment solution packages and is also working on integrating SAP’s cloud solutions with the on-premise world. He joined SAP in 2004 holding various roles in development, education, support,and product management.

David Dichmann

Photo of David Dichmann
David Dichmann is director of product management for SAP’s enterprise architecture and modeling tool, PowerDesigner. David manages the product management team, driving next-generation modeling and architecture. David has more than 24 years of industry experience in both technical and business roles, working with small, start-up, and established businesses. David has been published in industry magazines and is a regular speaker at industry events.

Ina Felsheim

Photo of Ina Felsheim
Ina Felsheim is a director of solution management for SAP’s EIM products. She has been with SAP since 1997, and currently works on information governance and end-to-end use scenarios. She has managed a diverse set of EIM products and is the SAP point person for both the Data Governance and Data Management SIGs, as well as the EIM Influence Council.

George Keller

Photo of George Keller
George Keller holds a BS degree in technical management and has more than 20 years of experience in the field ofinformation management, having worked within engineering,business applications, and product management organizations.He has also served as a professional delivery projectmanager for a number of Fortune 100 clients. He has extensive experience in cloud integration, master data management,data warehousing, ERP, finance, and customer relationship management. At SAP, he served as a product manager for SAP HANA Cloud Integration for data services and served as an expert consultant and evangelist for master data services.

Markus Kuppe

Photo of Markus Kuppe
Markus Kuppe is vice president and chief solution architect for SAP Master Data Governance. Since joining SAP development in 1997, he led various programs across the SAP Business Suite in topics such as analytics, user experience, or architecture—always in close collaboration with customers.He is a frequent author and speaker at business events. Markus holds a degree with distinction in mathematics (Dipl. Math.) from the University of Darmstadt, Germany.

Philip On

Photo of Philip On
Philip On is an industry veteran for Enterprise Information Management with more than 13 years of experience on this topic working for SAP, Business Objects, and Oracle. He is currently the senior director of marketing at SAP, and is responsible for the entire EIM portfolio, as well as strategy and solutions for the cloud.  

Helmut Stefani

Photo of Helmut Stefani
Helmut Stefani joined SAP in 1997, working on the documentation, product management, solution management, and roll-out of data archiving, Enterprise Content Management,and information lifecycle management topics. He has authored several publications, including a book on data management, data archiving, and ILM. He can be reached at
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