The authors of »Vendor Invoice Management with SAP«

Matthias Niessen

Photo of Matthias Niessen
Matthias Niessen is the senior manager of the OpenText ecosystems strategy for finance and procurement excellence. Matthias is passionate about helping organizations use digital technologies to optimize critical business processes, eliminating risk and maximizing outcomes. During his more than 23 years at OpenText he has focused on engineering, consulting, and marketing leadership roles. Matthias has a master’s degree in physics from Hamburg University, where he researched complex systems using quantum field theory.

Heather Reina

Photo of Heather Reina
Heather Reina is a senior content developer with OpenText Learning Services. She has more than 25 years of experience in developing, deploying, and teaching SAP software. For the last ten years, she has created global curriculum for OpenText’s suite for SAP solutions, including SAP Invoice Management, SAP Extended ECM, and SAP Information Capture.

Mark Travers

Photo of Mark Travers
Mark Travers was a senior enterprise architect lead at SAP, where he worked with domestic and global customers on more than 125 SAP Invoice Management by OpenText deployments for both SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP. He has experience with industries such as manufacturing, financial services, retail, oil/gas, chemicals, hi-tech, aerospace, telecommunications, utilities, and the public sector. Mark also has extensive architectural and technical experience with implementing SAP Invoice Management with the Ariba Network and within the Central Finance environment.
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