The authors of »Variant Configuration with SAP«

Uwe Blumöhr

Photo of Uwe Blumöhr
Dr. Uwe Blumöhr is Senior Education Consultant at SAP Germany. Since 1996, he has worked in the training and consulting area and he has many years of experience in the area of training, further education and qualification, in particular in variant configuration segment. Parts of the SAP training will form the basis for some sections of this book. Marin Ukalovic first experienced variant configuration in a training conducted by Dr. Uwe Blumöhr.

Manfred Münch

Photo of Manfred Münch
Dr. Manfred Münch is Application Platform Process Architect at SAP Germany's Product Management and has worked at the development labs focusing on variant configuration since 1999. Moreover, he worked as a secretary of the SAP user group, Configuration Work Group (CWG), from 2001 to 2004.

Marin Ukalovic

Photo of Marin Ukalovic
Marin Ukalovic, Vice President and Chief Product Owner for Digital Configuration Lifecycle, is responsible for variant configuration at SAP SE. At the same time, he chairs the executive board of the Configuration Workgroup (CWG). Before joining SAP in 1999, he worked as a design engineer after studying mechanical engineering. After 20 years at SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG and tasks in Market & Business Development, Presales and as a Solution Architect, he moved to Product Management at SAP headquarters in 2019.
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