The authors of »Using SAP Screen Personas«

Peter Spielvogel

Photo of Peter Spielvogel
Peter Spielvogel is senior director of product marketing on the SAP Imagineering team. He currently leads the go-to-market activities for SAP Screen Personas. Peter runs the monthly SAP Screen Personas Practitioner Forum, is a topic leader on SCN, and a frequent speaker at SAP conferences. He is also the co-author of two books.

Tamas Hoznek

Photo of Tamas Hoznek
Tamas Hoznek is a development architect on the SAP Imagineering team, focusing on customer support, project success, issue resolution, and education around SAP Screen Personas. Prior to this, he worked in various consulting roles, assisting customers with SAP Screen Personas and other development projects. Tamas is an active member of the SAP Screen Personas SCN community.

Sylvia Barnard

Photo of Sylvia Barnard
Sylvia Barnard is marketing director on the SAP Imagineering team. She focuses on helping European customers improve their productivity with SAP Screen Personas and channel customer feedback into the product. She conducts workshops for SAP Screen Personas and various usability methods, including design thinking and interview techniques. Sylvia is a frequent speaker at SAP conferences, and is also the co-author of a user research book.

Steve Rumsby

Photo of Steve Rumsby
Steve Rumsby is the SAP Technical Manager at the University of Warwick, and the University's primary SAP Screen Personas expert. He has been working with SAP Screen Personas since June 2013, and has spoken at numerous conferences about the benefits Personas has brought to Warwick. Steve is an SAP Mentor, and an active member of SCN.

Tobias Queck

Photo of Tobias Queck
Tobias Queck is the lead architect on the SAP Screen Personas team. He is the co-inventor of SAP Screen Personas and has been involved with developing the product since its inception. He presents on various technical topics at TechEd, SAPPHIRE, and other SAP conferences.

Sebastian Steinhauer

Photo of Sebastian Steinhauer
Sebastian Steinhauer is the SAP Screen Personas product owner, and has been working on SAP Screen Personas from the vision to the latest version. He has more than 10 years of software development experience. Sebastian is active on SCN and a frequent speaker at SAP conferences.

Current titles

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    Using SAP Screen Personas

    Peter Spielvogel, Sylvia Barnard, Conrad Bernal, Tamas Hoznek, Tobias Queck, Steve Rumsby, Sebastian Steinhauer

    125 pages

    Streamline and personalize the business process screens your users see every day with SAP Screen Personas! In this E-Bite, you'll get step-by-step instructions for using templates and adaptive design to edit screens and merge tabs. For advanced requirements, learn how More about the book



    • Learn to use SAP Screen Personas to improve user experience
    • Edit screens using templates and explore adaptive design
    • Merge tabs and automate keystrokes with scripts