The author of »Time Management with SAP ERP HCM«

Sanjiv Agarwal

Photo of Sanjiv Agarwal
Sanjiv Agarwal has almost 25 years of ERP consulting experience out of which he spent 20 years extensively on SAP ERP HCM project implementations across various countries and industries including Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Petrochemicals, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Utilities, Public Sector, Engineering and Construction, Aerospace and Defense. He has participated in more than 40 successive SAP engagements in management and team leadership capacities and helped clients in all project phases from pre-sales and proposals, scoping and planning, business process redesign, system configuration and integration, training, systems testing and delivery, all the way up to post implementation support. Besides other areas of SAP HCM, his expertise is particularly strong in the area of Time Management. Sanjiv is also an active member of various knowledge base networks worldwide, such as the SAP Community and the SAP IT ToolBox Group, and has been helping these communities through his extensive knowledge and experience of SAP. He has also written several articles in the reputed SAP HR Expert Online journal.
Sanjiv is the founder of the company Inpace, which includes SAP Consulting companies Inpace Technologies Inc. and Inpace Solutions LLC. As a Principal and SAP Solutions Architect, he and his team continue to provide expertise to various clients globally, particularly in Canada and US. His passion for education has also motivated him to establish Inpace Academy, which has multiple branches. More information about Inpace can be found at
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