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Michael Doane

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Michael Doane has 35 years of business and information systems experience, including 12 years of industry, 16 years in enterprise application consulting, and six years as an industry analyst. Since 2001, he has been advising clients on strategies, implementation and integration strategies, service provider selection and management, and best practices and methods for deriving value from enterprise applications investments. Michael Doane has been publishing information about SAP since 1996.
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    The SAP Blue Book
    A Concise Business Guide to the World of SAP

    Michael Doane

    190 pages, paperback

    You’re considering implementing SAP. Are you sure you’re ready? Learn from an industry expert what it means to implement SAP—and which changes it will bring to your company. With Michael Doane’s latest edition of The SAP Blue Book, you’ll discover More about the book

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