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Horst Keller

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Dr. Horst Keller works in the NetWeaver Developer Tools ABAP group at SAP. As Knowledge Architect he is responsible for documentation and roll-out relating to ABAP and ABAP Objects. He also oversees the programs for preparing and presenting ABAP.
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  • Cover of Official ABAP Programming Guidelines

    Official ABAP Programming Guidelines

    Horst Keller, Wolf Hagen Thümmel

    398 pages, hardcover

    How do I select the appropriate program type in SAP programming? Where should the local declarations of a procedure be positioned? Am I supposed to immediately replace all obsolete language elements in existing code? Should I use procedural or object-oriented More about the book



    • The definitive SAP rules for ABAP development
    • Detailed examples of good and bad programming style
    • With numerous recommendations for everyday programming