The authors of »Software Architecture Fundamentals«

Mahbouba Gharbi

Mahbouba Gharbi is the managing director and chief architect of ITech Progress GmbH and a chairperson of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB). She's a dedicated software architecture enthusiast, the author of numerous technical articles, and a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Arne Koschel

Arne Koschel is a lecturer at the University of Hanover, who specializes in distributed data systems. He has many years of industry experience in the planning and development of distributed data systems. He also advises and lectures on topics like SOA, integration, middleware, EDA, and cloud computing. He serves as an active board member of the iSAQB.

Andreas Rausch

Andreas Rausch leads the software systems engineering department at Technische Universität, Clausthal. He is a consultant and lead software architect for several large-scale distributed software systems.

Holger Tiemeyer

Holger Tiemeyer is vice chairman of the iSAQB board. As a computer scientist who minored in psychology, he represents the financial interests of the association as well as the social aspects concerning the people who design software architectures.
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