The authors of »SAPUI5«

Christiane Goebels

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Christiane Goebels has been in web development ever since starting her career at SAP in 2000. Over the years, she has worked on SAP-related and non-SAP-related projects big and small for customers for all over the world. She led her own internet agency from 2005 to 2010, and re-joined SAP in 2012 as part of the central SAPUI5 development team.She is an experienced speaker and has been giving numerous trainings and talks on JavaScript and SAPUI5 at SAP and at international conferences.

Denise Nepraunig

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Denise Nepraunig is a software developer at SAP in Walldorf, where she creates SAPUI5 applications and was involved in the development of the SAP Web IDE. Before she joined SAP, she worked at an SAP partner company, where she worked with SAPUI5 and OData development with ABAP, gaining hands-on experience with SAP Fiori and the SAP Mobile Platform. Prior to that, she worked at an SAP customer as an ABAP developer and was part of international SAP ERP and SAP CRM rollouts. Denise is an experienced speaker, SAPUI5 coach, and SAP Mentor. She loves to explore new technologies, and in her free time tinkers around with SAP HCP and SAP HANA.

Thilo Seidel

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Thilo Seidel is a product owner of SAP Fiori Launchpad on the weekdays and an occasional hacker on weekends. He built his first web page back in 2002 and instantly fell in love with the browser. He has taken on various roles since then, including sales, designer thinker, traveler, student, and project manager. Before joining SAPUI5, his technological journey involved freelancing with jQuery, Bootstrap, and Ruby on Rails.
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    The Comprehensive Guide

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    Your comprehensive guide to SAPUI5! From <!DOCTYPE HTML> to </html>, get the know-how to develop MVC apps, use OData, create data bindings, debug and test code, and deploy apps. Learn the dos and don’ts of SAPUI5 and everything in between, More about the book

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    • Build full-fledged SAPUI5 applications
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