The authors of »SAP Web Client«

Tzanko Stefanov

Tzanko Stefanov is a director of product management at SAP. Previously he worked in several different leadership roles in the areas of SAP NetWeaver and SAP CRM.

Armand Sezikeye

Armand Sezikeye is a Development Manager for the Web UI Tag Library implementation team. Over the last 5 years he has acquired extensive know-how in various aspects of Web Client UI. First as a CRM application developer, Armand had the opportunity to appreciate the Web Client from a consumer point of view. After becoming a manager for one of the Web UI development team, Armand has been providing technical and functional guidance and leadership on various topics within the CRM Web UI.

Sanjeet Mall

Sanjeet Mall is a chief architect for Mobile Applications in the Mobile Application Unit at SAP. Previously, he worked in the SAP CRM area at SAP.