The authors of »SAP Solution Manager for SAP S/4HANA«

Marc O. Schäfer

Marc O. Schäfer studied English and German literature and linguistics at the University of Tübingen, Germany. Schäfer joined SAP in 2000, at which time he was responsible for Customizing tools. Since 2001, he has been working on SAP Solution Manager as a product manager in various responsibilities. He is a featured author and editor-in-chief of multiple SAP PRESS publications and coauthor of the best-selling book, SAP Solution Manager.Since 2009, Schäfer has been head of the Communication and Marketing team for SAP Solution Manager and has been acting as chief solution architect for the focused solutions for SAP Solution Manager.

Matthias Melich

Dr. Matthias Melich studied at the University of Rochester, New York and the University of Cologne, Germany, where he received his PhD in 1993. Since joining SAP in 1995, he has held various positions in product management for archiving,customizing, and implementation tools. Today, Matthias is responsible for the SAP Solution Manager Solution Management team.

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    Hardly any SAP product in recent years is as important or complex as SAP Solution Manager (SolMan). This book answers all of your questions regarding SAP Solution Manager: implementation and documentation; maintenance and testing; or monitoring, technical operation, and management More about the book

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