The authors of »SAP Process Orchestration«

John Mutumba Bilay

Photo of John Mutumba Bilay
John Mutumba Bilay is a senior software engineer and enterprise integration consultant at Rojo Consultancy. With more than 14 years of international experience in information technology, including eight dedicated to SAP, his specialty is software development, integration, and business process automation. You can visit his company's website at

Roberto Viana Blanco

Photo of Roberto Viana Blanco
Roberto Viana Blanco is an experienced SAP integration architect and co-founder of Rojo Consultancy. He has more than 17 years of SAP integration experience working across a number of industries. He has been working with SAP since the early versions of SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (XI) and has helped several organizations adopt SAP Process Integration and then SAP Process Orchestration.
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    • Set up and use SAP Cloud Integration in the Cloud Foundry and Neo environments
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