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Ravi Kashyap

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Ravi Kashyap has been in SAP ecosystem his entire career and has focused on cloud (private and public) over the past decade. He currently works for AWS as an SAP solutions architect. He is also the author of the book SAP on Microsoft Azure, where he shared best practices for migrating and managing SAP workloads in Azure. Having learned multiple clouds for SAP, he is conscious of presenting information in his books for the learner's point of view.
When he's not working, he likes to spend time with his family, listen to podcasts, and read books; his latest favorite is The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values, which explores our biases and blind spots with AI.

Rajendra Narikimelli

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Rajendra Narikimelli currently serves as an SAP solutions architect at AWS, where he aids SAP customers in harnessing the power of AWS to transition into cloud-native architectures. Prior to this role, he was a services delivery architect in the MaxAttention CoE at SAP America, conducting advisory workshops for premium and large SAP customers. With 22 years of IT experience, he has provided thought leadership to several multinational organizations globally, focusing on the management of complex SAP landscapes. 
In his leisure time, he enjoys walking through the aisles of book racks in public libraries. He humorously notes that he is yet to find an official term for this passion!

Rozal Singh

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Rozal Singh has 17 years of hands-on experience in the dynamic realm of SAP and brings a wealth of expertise encompassing the full spectrum of SAP system implementation, management, and operations. His proficiency extends to both cloud-based and on-premises SAP environments, positioning him as a versatile and seasoned professional in the SAP space. Before joining the AWS, Rozal distinguished himself as an SAP technical lead architect and a migration specialist at a consulting company. His career is marked by a steadfast dedication to technology and a keen focus on developing robust architectural foundations to bring his customers' strategic visions to fruition. 
Outside of work, Rozal can often be found indulging in the delightful offerings of his 2-year-old's ice cream shop, where the exclusive menu choice, as dictated by his daughter, is always chocolate ice cream. Beyond family ice cream adventures, Rozal is also an enthusiastic soccer fan who dedicates his couple of hours of the weekends to playing the sport at a local meetup group.
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