The authors of »SAP Integrated Business Planning«

Sandy Markin

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Sandy Markin has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain management. He began his career in operations management in the consumer products industry and subsequently worked for several software providers. In 1994, he joined SAP, where he is now the senior director for the digital supply chain. During his tenure at SAP, he has been instrumental in bringing to market several industry-leading supply chain solutions, including SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) and SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP). Sandy is a lifelong Chicago-area resident and received his BS from the University of Illinois and his MBA from Loyola University of Chicago.

Amit Sinha

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Amit Sinha is an expert in SAP supply chain processes and digital technology with more than 16 years of experience in leading supply chain transformation projects. He has worked extensively with different industry sectors across the globe in the areas of sales and operations planning (S&OP), demand planning, supply planning, inventory optimization, manufacturing, and supply chain analytics. He is an expert in SAP IBP and other SAP supply chain applications. Amit has authored multiple books and research papers on supply chain management and digital technology applications for creating intelligently automated supply chains. He has been a speaker at global supply chain conferences and serves as a board member for two nonprofit organizations focused on manufacturing organizations and supply chain education. Currently working as a leader in the supply chain Strategy & Transformation team at Microsoft, Amit has also been active with the teaching, research, and spreading knowledge about digital supply chains for helping students, professionals, organizations, and related ecosystem partners.

Sanchit Chandna

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Sanchit Chandna is a supply chain leader with more than 11 years of experience developing supply chain strategies and delivering digital business transformation programs. He has worked extensively across consumer, chemical, and hi-tech industries, helping clients design and implement SAP supply chain planning solutions in the areas of demand management, master production scheduling, inventory planning and optimization, and S&OP. Sanchit has worked with multiple SAP IBP customers as a subject matter expert, providing them innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Sanchit is also an author of the book Inventory Planning and Optimization with SAP IBP.

Jay Foster

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Jay Foster is the director of solution management at SAP for SAP IBP. As a supply chain and manufacturing veteran of more than 30 years, Jay brings a wealth of practical experience and logical insight to solving today’s business challenges. With executive experience in sales and operations Jay brings a pragmatic, cut-to-the-chase approach to applying technology to achieve business benefits. Jay is CPIM certified.
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  • Cover of Inventory Planning and Optimization with SAP IBP

    Inventory Planning and Optimization with SAP IBP

    Lei Wang, Sanchit Chandna, Jeroen Kusters, Atul Bhandari

    419 pages, hardcover

    How much inventory is ideal? From setting service target levels and lead times to managing demand variability, learn to calculate and plan the best way to handle your inventory. Configure SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory and model your supply More about the book

    from $84.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Set up and use SAP IBP for inventory
    • Run inventory calculations, build intuition, and conduct what-if analysis
    • Measure inventory performance and analyze your results
  • Cover of Sales and Operations Planning with SAP IBP

    Sales and Operations Planning with SAP IBP

    Sagar Deolalikar, Raghav Jandhyala, Pramod Mane, Amit Sinha

    485 pages, hardcover

    Ready to master S&OP? See how to configure SAP IBP for sales and operations to fit your unique requirements, from key figures to the planning model. Then use step-by-step instructions to execute demand planning, perform unconstrained or constrained supply planning, More about the book

    from $84.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Set up and use SAP IBP for sales and operations planning
    • Perform demand planning, constrained and unconstrained supply planning, and more
    • Build planning views and dashboards to report on your KPIs