The authors of »SAP Information Lifecycle Management«

Iwona Luther

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Iwona Luther has been working at SAP in the area of data archiving, which has evolved over the years into SAP ILM, for the past 20 years. She initially worked as a developer, then as a project manager, coordinator, and in quality assurance. She is responsible for the customer courses BIT660, BIT670, and BIT665, and she is the product standard owner for SAP ILM. Iwona is also the contact person for the DSAG and ASUG Data Archiving and SAP ILM working groups.

Nicole Fernandes

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Nicole Fernandes has worked as a translator for English, French, and German texts since 2005. Her fields of expertise are software/information technology and medical research/genetics. Her projects have included the translation of specialized ERP systems and industry-specific software solutions for the temporary employment sector (including documentations, user manuals, etc.). She also works as a senior editor for the online dictionary (English/German) and contributed sample translations from a variety of fields to the translation machine

Frank Buschle

Carsten Pluder

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