The authors of »SAP Fiori: UX Design for Developers«

Anne Kathrine Petterøe

Photo of Anne Kathrine Petterøe
Anne Kathrine Petterøe is an SAP UX expert, an SAP Mentor, and a passionate SAP technical architect. She has worked with user interfaces in the SAP ecosystem as both a developer and a designer since 2006. Entering the SAP developer world from a web designer background, has delivered effective design for SAP users for more than a decade.

Tillman Swinke

Photo of Tillman Swinke
Tillman Swinke is an SAP UX designer and a UX enthusiast. He started out with vocational training as a digital media designer and went on to study computer science and business informatics. For more than 15 years, Tillman has worked on user interfaces for different platforms. He has a good understanding of UI, UX, and enterprise design, and their importance for users within business processes.