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Krishna Kishor Kammaje

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Krishna Kishor Kammaje is currently a developer and architect working at ConvergentIS, SAP products and consulting provider. He was recognized as an SAP Community top contributor for SAP Fiori and SAP Gateway for several years and was named an SAP Mentor in March 2017. His latest interests are around machine learning and exploring ways to make SAP Fiori apps intelligent using those technologies.
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    SAP Extension Suite Certification Guide
    Development Associate Exam

    Krishna Kishor Kammaje, Mahesh Kumar Palavalli

    307 pages, paperback

    Preparing for your SAP Extension Suite development associate exam? Make the grade with this certification study guide! From user interfaces to security, this guide will review the key technical knowledge you need to pass the test. Explore test methodology, key More about the book

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    • Learn about the SAP Extension Suite certification test structure and how to prepare for the exam
    • Review the key topics covered in each portion of your exam
    • Test your knowledge with practice questions and answers
    • Exam C_CPE_13