The authors of »SAP Fieldglass«

Richard Wanless

Photo of Richard Wanless
Richard Wanless has been at the forefront of deploying technology to support external workforce programs since 2005. After consulting with a broad spectrum of global SAP clients, Richard founded Aventi, a specialized consulting firm and SAP Partner. Aventi focuses on implementing SAP Fieldglass with an emphasis on continuous improvement as technology evolves ( His personal expertise spans from core functionality and business process optimization to the end-to-end integration of SAP Fieldglass into on-premise and cloud platforms. Where SAP Fieldglass is not a standalone solution, he guides clients to accelerate their digital transformation by combining SAP Fieldglass with SAP S/4HANA, realize total spend management with SAP Ariba, and achieve total workforce management with SAP SuccessFactors. Richard has developed a passion for bringing people and technology closer together with creative solutions and innovative learning techniques. Under his lead, Aventi developed an integrated training and support platform to optimize the change management process and provide on-demand learning for people inside the company and their suppliers.

Jutta Villet

Photo of Jutta Villet
Jutta Villet is a senior consultant at SAP Fieldglass and an expert in the implementation of vendor management systems (VMS) across industries and on a global scale. She has led a variety of technical and operational teams in large corporations and global enterprises before joining SAP Fieldglass in 2018. As a well-versed technical consultant, her skillset includes process optimization, intelligent robotic process automation, and integration between SAP Fieldglass and SAP systems as well as other major enterprise systems. Jutta has implemented and consulted on a significant number of implementations and expansions of total workforce management solutions and service procurement-focused programs, including those run by managed service providers. As a data protection officer, she has a keen eye on big data and analytics, GDPR, and international privacy requirements, advising clients on technical solutions and industry standards. Combined with Jutta's decade-long experience in the recruitment industry across two continents, clients value her deep appreciation of diversity, client service, and drive for sustainable innovation.

Shane McGough

Photo of Shane McGough
Shane McGough is a cloud integration expert with in-depth knowledge of how to best integrate SAP Fieldglass with key enterprise software systems. He has built up a broad knowledge of system integrations for more than 15 years while working in technology across a range of industries, including 8 years working on complex projects for some of the world’s largest financial services institutions prior to joining SAP Fieldglass. In 2013, he joined SAP Fieldglass in EMEA, where he built up and headed their integration services department for the region. In this capacity, he worked on the major integration initiatives that allow SAP Fieldglass to be a core element of SAP’s total workforce management and total spend management strategies, integrating with SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP S/4HANA. Shane continues to work in this space outside of SAP, consulting with a broad spectrum of SAP clients to support and guide them in their goals of combining the benefits of SAP Fieldglass into their existing or planned IT landscape. His in-depth knowledge of SAP Fieldglass integration capabilities allows him to design and implement optimal solutions that address the challenges faced by different industries.
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