The authors of »SAP Extended Warehouse Management: Processes, Functionality, and Configuration«

M. Brian Carter

Photo of M. Brian Carter
M. Brian Carter has worked with SAP, focusing on warehousing and distribution, since 1997. He is currently a solution manager in the Business Unit Service and Asset Management, where he focuses on warehousing and reverse logistics business processes for the SAP solution for service parts management. Before working with SAP, Brian worked in operations for a third-party logistics firm in the U.S. Brian lives in the Philadelphia, PA area with his wife, Teresa, and their two children, Evan and Meredith.

Frank-Peter Bauer

Photo of Frank-Peter Bauer
Frank-Peter Bauer has worked with SAP Extended Warehouse Management since 2002, first as a developer in the EWM development team and then as a solution manager for the SAP solution for service parts management, focusing on EWM. Since 2007, he has worked in the consulting department for supply chain management as a principal consultant, project lead, and business development manager for EWM. Before joining SAP, Frank-Peter worked for six years as a supply chain consultant focusing on logistics and warehousing. He has worked on implementation of EWM with companies in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

Jörg Lange

Photo of Jörg Lange
Jörg Lange has worked since 2002 for SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG as Senior Consultant and Project Manager, working with customers mainly in the logistics area, especially warehouse management. In 2004, he participated in the development phases of SAP Extended Warehouse Management and since then has worked on implementation projects in Germany, France, Italy and the U.S. Jörg currently lives in Ratingen, Germany with his wife, Rebecca, and his son, Jonas.

Tim Dalm

Photo of Tim Dalm
Tim Dalm is a principal consultant with SAP America, Inc., with eight years of experience with SAP logistics and warehouse management solutions. He has worked on several SAP Extended Warehouse Management projects in the U.S. and Europe. Tim currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Christoph Persich

Photo of Christoph Persich
Christoph Persich is a solution consultant and project lead in the SAP field services department, where he leads customer projects for warehousing. His focus is the online mobile device integration with radio frequency technologies, which he successfully implemented in several customer projects. He is also responsible for implementing SAP RFID solutions and integrating them into the SAP solutions for warehouse processes.
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