The authors of »SAP ERP HCM: HR Forms Workplace«

Dirk Liepold

Dirk Liepold has been working with SAP products, experiencing the evolution of SAP, and supporting numerous European, U.S., and global SAP implementations since 1988. He is an SAP ERP HCM subject matter expert performing in such capacities as solution architect and project manager. Dirk began his career as an SAP developer and functional consultant at the German SAP consulting firm ABS-Team GmbH before joining PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the U.S. as a senior consultant and, later, director of the SAP HR Center of Excellence. He founded the SAP ERP HCM consulting firm RowSix, LLC before joining Kivala-HR as a senior executive to lead its North American SAP ERP HCM consulting practice.

Steve Ritter

Steve Ritter has worked with HR information systems for over 20 years and is currently a managing partner of Sage Consulting, LLC, an SAP software solutions and technology partner that provides business consulting services and add-on solutions for SAP ERP HCM. Since 1996, he has been exclusively engaged in numerous SAP ERP HCMprojects, serving in both technical and functional leadership positions. Currently, his primary focus is assisting clients with the implementation of the latest SAP web-enabled technologies.

    Current titles

  • Cover of SAP ERP HCM: Technical Principles and Programming
    SAP ERP HCM: Technical Principles and Programming

    Dirk Liepold, Steve Ritter

    863 pages, hardcover

    Your SAP HR system needs more than just a pretty face—get the information you need to work with your backend system! This book will help you to master the technical aspects of SAP ERP HCM, starting with the basics of More about the book

    from $69.99


    E-book | Print edition | Bundle
    • Learn how to work with the SAP ERP HCM architecture and data models
    • Program for custom enhancements, reports, performance, and more
    • Understand what SuccessFactors, SAP HANA, SAP Fiori, and HR Renewal mean for you

  • Cover of SAP ERP HCM: Reporting Tools
    SAP ERP HCM: Reporting Tools

    Dirk Liepold, Steve Ritter

    86 pages

    In this E-Bite, you’ll master reporting tools in SAP ERP HCM. Find out how to use table utilities to review the contents of transactional and customizing tables, and create InfoSets to provide data sources for reports. Then develop and deliver More about the book



    • Create and assign InfoSets for reporting
    • Learn to build reports with SAP Query and the Human Resources Information System (HIS)
    • Evaluate payroll accounting and conduct system audits with SAP reports

  • Cover of SAP ERP HCM: Custom Report Development
    SAP ERP HCM: Custom Report Development

    Dirk Liepold, Steve Ritter

    83 pages

    With this E-Bite, you’ll find out how to develop custom reports in SAP ERP HCM. Explore examples of typical HR-specific reporting scenarios for the organizational, time management, and payroll components of SAP ERP HCM and their specific data models. This More about the book



    • Learn programming techniques to develop reports, such as retroactive payroll calculations
    • Find out how to select employees, conduct date and time calculations, and more
    • See how the ABAP List Viewer (ALV) can be used with SAP ERP HCM for custom reporting

  • Cover of SAP ERP HCM: Authorizations
    SAP ERP HCM: Authorizations

    Dirk Liepold, Steve Ritter

    None pages

    In this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to use authorizations in SAP ERP HCM to ensure that highly confidential employee information stays secure. First, harness the general mechanics of SAP authorization and SAP ERP HCM-specific authorization objects. Then learn to enhance More about the book

    approx. $9.99

    coming soon
    Available on 12/21/2016

    • Become familiar with SAP ERP HCM authorization objects, authorization fields, and roles
    • Learn about structural authorizations and context-based authorizations
    • Discover how to enhance authorizations and add authorization checks to custom reports