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Manuel Gallardo

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Manuel Gallardo is on the HR Expert Board, is a former platinum consultant for SAP, and has been working in HR since 1994. He currently serves as an SAP HR functional architect at /NSPRO Consulting. He has taught classes on CATS since 1997 and is a regular speaker at the HR Conferences. He's worked on multiple full cycle CATS implementations and has assisted more than 70 companies with their CATS issues, and he has worked directly with the CATS Development team in Germany.

Martin Gillet

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Martin Gillet, an SAP-certified HR consultant (ECC 6.0, SAP R/3 Enterprise, and 4.0B), works as a freelancer on international projects. He graduated with honors in Human Resources Management from the Belgian Haute Ecole Namuroise Catholique and has worked with SAP R/3 in the chemical, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, banking, public sector, and oil industries. He has focused on SAP HR since 1998.

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    Configuring and Customizing Employee and Manager Self-Services in SAP ERP HCM

    Martin Gillet

    580 pages, hardcover

    To get the most out of the self-service offerings within SAP ERP HCM, you need to know how to configure and customize the tools effectively. From back-end configuration to front-end customization, you'll find all of the information you need to More about the book



    • Your complete guide to configuring SAP ESS and MSS to meet your business needs
    • Learn to make ESS and MSS work for you through customization
    • Benefit from hands-on tips and expert advice