Build SAP applications, design workspaces, and automate business processes!

SAP Build No-Code Development, Centralized Access, and Process Automation







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The new SAP Build is here—dive into its tools for low-code and no-code development! Looking for a new development environment to create full stack applications? Learn how to implement SAP Build Apps! Need better tools to design and build a central access point—like SAP Fiori launchpad—for business applications? Get SAP Build Work Zone up and running! Want to create, maintain, and automate business processes? Look no further than SAP Build Process Automation! With practical guidance on the whole SAP Build suite, you’ll be developing in no time.
  • Develop low-code and no-code applications with SAP Build Apps
  • Create centralized business sites with SAP Build Work Zone
  • Automate workflow processes with SAP Build Process Automation
About the Book About the E-book 825 pages, hardcover. Reference book format 7 x 10 in. Printed black and white on 60# offset paper from sustainable sources. Casebound for durability. Reader-friendly serif font (TheAntiquaB 9.5 Pt.). One-column layout. E-book in full color. PDF and EPUB files for download, DRM-free with personalized digital watermark. Copy and paste, bookmarks, and print-out permitted. Table of contents, in-text references, and index fully linked. Including online book edition in dedicated reader application.

In this book, you'll learn about:

  1. SAP Build Apps

    Install, configure, and secure SAP Build Apps and then learn how to use SAP Build Apps Composer for application development. Walk through data integration, visual cloud functions, and application deployment.

  2. SAP Build Work Zone

    Implement SAP Build Work Zone using the SAP BTP booster. From arranging and deploying UI elements to setting up connections to external applications, make this tool work for you!

  3. SAP Build Process Automation

    Get SAP Build Process Automation up and running. Learn about process design, including how to create triggers, forms, conditions, branches, and actions. See how rules, action projects, and visibility scenarios can aid you in your quest for automation!

Highlights include:

  • SAP Build Apps
  • SAP Build Work Zone
  • SAP Build Process Automation
  • SAP Cloud Transport Management
  • Low-code/no-code (LCNC)
  • Application development
  • Visual cloud functions
  • UI integration
  • Process development
  • Rules, decisions, and actions
  • Automation
  • Administration

Rene Glavanovits is an SAP consultant and developer at CloudDNA GmbH, an SAP partner in Austria.

Gernot Haider is the cofounder of sapio GmbH, an Austrian SAP partner that supports a wide variety of customers in the implementation of cloud integration projects and HCM projects with SAP solutions.

Martin Koch is the managing director of CloudDNA GmbH, an SAP partner in Austria. His focus is on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), user experience, integration, and security.

Daniel Krancz is a software developer and consultant at CloudDNA GmbH. His focus is on full stack development with SAPUI5/SAP Fiori, OData, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and ABAP RESTful application programming model, as well as mobile development.

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