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Today’s organizations must be prepared for tomorrow’s events. Forecast future behavior in SAP Analytics Cloud with this comprehensive guide to predictive analytics! Start by learning about the data types, scenarios, and methods used in predictive analytics projects. Then follow step-by-step instructions to build, analyze, and apply predictive models to your business data using classification, time series forecasting, and regression analysis. Automate your models and dive into the data science with this all-in-one guide!
  • Learn to use SAP Analytics Cloud for predictive analytics
  • Build time series, classification, and regression models
  • Enrich SAP Analytics Cloud stories and planning processes with predictive models
About the Book About the E-book 275 pages, hardcover. Reference book format 7 x 10 in. Printed black and white on 50# offset paper from sustainable sources. Casebound for durability. Reader-friendly serif font (TheAntiquaB 9.5 Pt.). One-column layout. E-book in full color. PDF (97 MB) and EPUB (39 MB) file for download, DRM-free with personalized digital watermark. Copy and paste, bookmarks, and print-out permitted. Table of contents, in-text references, and index fully linked. Including online book edition in dedicated reader application.

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  1. Predictive Scenarios and Projects

    Understand the basics of predictive analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud: scenarios, data types, and actions. Then plan your predictive project, including identifying the key stakeholders and reviewing the methodology.

  2. Build, Train, Analyze, and Apply

    Master predictive models from end to end. Create classification, time series, and regression models; then train them to identify business patterns. Analyze and apply the results of your models to data in SAP Analytics Cloud.

  3. Practical Demonstrations

    See predictive analytics in action! Identify use cases for predictive modeling. For each data model, understand practical applications through curated examples with sample business data.

Highlights include:

  • Predictive scenarios
  • Predictive forecasts
  • Data modeling
  • Planning
  • Time series model
  • Classification model
  • Regression model
  • Multi-actions
  • Data science
  • Stories and dashboards

Antoine Chabert is a product manager for SAP Analytics Cloud. He joined SAP more than 16 years ago and developed his expertise in SAP Analytics products, including SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Lumira, SAP Predictive Analytics, and SAP Analytics Cloud, in various functional roles.

David Serre is the product owner of the smart predict capability in SAP Analytics Cloud. He works closely with the product management team to convert customer needs into the features delivered in smart predict.

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