The authors of »Revenue Accounting and Reporting with SAP S/4HANA«

Sreten Milosavljević

Photo of Sreten Milosavljević
Sreten Milosavljević has worked as a senior SAP finance consultant for more than 20 years. Thanks to the perfect storm of IFRS 9, IFRS 15, and IFRS 16, since 2016, his primary focus has been on working with revenue accounting and reporting and contract lifecycle management. During this time, he gained experience with most of the industries that are impacted by the implementation of either IFRS 15 or ASC 606, including telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and high-tech. Sreten is currently involved in solving complex topics for a variety of customers, especially regarding integration points between different systems.

Swayam Prabha Shankara

Photo of Swayam Prabha Shankara
Swayam Prabha Shankara has been a technical consultant for more than 16 years. Over this period, she has worked with different technologies to apply the latest approaches. She has been working with revenue accounting and reporting in the SAP space since 2017, beginning with a project for a major telecommunications customer that had complex issues related to data volume and performance. She has continued working on different revenue accounting and reporting projects, updating her skills for SAP HANA, CDS views, and system design and development.
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