The authors of »Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions«

Bernd Welz

Photo of Bernd Welz
Bernd Welz is an executive vice president at SAP and global head of the Solution & Knowledge Packaging organization responsible for enabling the customer adoption of SAP innovations at scale—in the cloud and everywhere. The team develops solution content for implementation, migration to the cloud and integration of hybrid solution landscapes and produces enablement content for SAP, customers, and partners.

Stefan Hänisch

Photo of Stefan  Hänisch
As Senior Vice President and Chief Product Owner, Stefan Hänisch is responsible for all of SAP’s solution package offerings for Lines of Business and Industries (SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, SAP Business All-in One). Stefan looks back at a track record of leadership roles spanning product and solution management, go-to-market, and consulting. Before joining the packaging business, he headed up go-to-market, new product introduction, and field enablement for all industry solutions. Prior to this, he owned the SAP CRM Marketing and Trade Promotion Management product lines. He also worked several years in consulting inside and outside SAP. He holds a masters degree in Management and Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Stefan Kätker

Photo of Stefan Kätker
Stefan Kätker is a senior vice president at SAP and head of the Taxonomy & Content Architecture unit within Solution and Knowledge Packaging. Stefan is responsible for the SAP corporate taxonomy, the content architecture of SAP’s knowledge assets, and the solution implementation methodology based on rapid-deployment solutions. He joined SAP in 2001 as a solution manager in the area of supplier relationship management. He’s held various leadership positions spanning product innovation in the cloud, software engineering, business process engineering, and product architecture.

Thomas Reiss

Photo of Thomas Reiss
As a senior vice president and head of the Packaging Framework unit, Thomas Reiss is responsible for developing products and tools that enable efficient packaging of content and for enabling efficient consumption of the content via the simplified implementation experience.

Elvira Wallis

Elvira Wallis is an SAP senior vice president of Packaged Solutions. She leads the Database & Technology (DB&T), Analytics, Cloud Integration, Mobile, UX SAP Rapid Deployment solutions packaging team. This team drives the innovations in SAP Best Practices content, services, and enablement packages with SAP’s software. Each quarter, her team delivers new, upgraded, updated and translated packages that have saved some of the world’s best performing businesses several millions of dollars in IT and productivity savings, performance improvements, and elevated competitive advantage.
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