Three types of planning. One resource.

Cover of Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP

Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP

written by Jawad Akhtar






1033 pages, 2013, Print edition, hardcover 1033 pages, 2013
E-book formats: Epub, Mobi, Pdf, Booksonline
1033 pages, 2013, Print edition, hardcover
E-book formats: Epub, Mobi, Pdf, Booksonline
ISBN 978-1-59229-870-9 ISBN 978-1-59229-869-3
Whether your company uses discrete, process, or repetitive manufacturing, this book is here to break down the different production planning processes that you can use in SAP ERP. You’ll learn the elements that are common to each process, and then explore the detailed configuration steps for each type of manufacturing approach. Use the expert tips throughout the book to increase the effectiveness of your supply chain, and save time and money.
  • Find in-depth information on discrete, process, and repetitive manufacturing types
  • Work with detailed configuration steps and the business processes to tie everything together
  • Understand the tools you need to optimize your PP processes and how to use them
About the Book About the E-book 1033 pages, hardcover, 2 in. Reference book format 6.9 x 9 in. Printed black and white on 60# offset paper from sustainable sources. Smyth-sewn casebound for durability. Reader-friendly serif font (Linotype Syntax 9.5 Pt.). One-column layout. Technically reviewed by Frank Layer of SAP AG. E-book in full color. PDF (15 MB), EPUB (28 MB), and MOBI file (159 MB) for download, DRM-free with personalized digital watermark. Copy & paste, bookmarks, and print-out permitted. Table of contents, in-text references, and index fully linked. Including online book edition in dedicated reader application.

In this book, you'll find:

  1. Configuration Basics

    Learn what discrete, process, and repetitive manufacturing are, and then set them up in your SAP ERP system.

  2. Production Type Workflow

    After configuration, you'll understand how to tweak your system to meet your specific business processes and discover which production type works best for your needs.

  3. System Optimization

    Understand the "extras" that SAP provides. Make the PP component yours by adding notes, signature requirements, and co-products and by-products to your processes.

Highlights include:

  • SAP Demand Management
  • Long-term planning
  • Material requirements planning
  • Digital signature
  • Shift notes and reports
  • Early Warning System
  • Forecasting
  • XSteps
  • Flexible planning
»1000+ pages of essential production planning insight!«

Jawad Akhtar earned a chemical engineering degree from Missouri University of Science & Technology in 1996. He is currently the vice president and head of SAP Delivery at AbacusConsulting ( in Pakistan.

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