The authors of »Predictive Modeling with Automated Analytics/SAP Predictive Analytics 2.x«

Pierpaolo Vezzosi

Photo of Pierpaolo Vezzosi
Pierpaolo Vezzosi is director of product management in the SAP Advanced Analytics organization. He joined BusinessObjects in 2000 as a technology alliances manager. There he worked to develop company relationships with key technological partners, and monitor innovating trends, including offshore activities in India. In 2006 he moved to product management in the Semantic Layer area to define the strategy for SAP BusinessObjects BI universes and the Information Design Tool. His current area of focus is predictive analytics and big data. Before joining BusinessObjects, Pierpaolo held several positions in the software industry as an analyst, developer, support engineer, and technical documentation editor. He holds a master’s degree in aeronautics and space engineering.

Gaëtan Saulnier

Photo of Gaëtan Saulnier
Gaëtan Saulnier is a product manager in the SAP Advanced Analytics organization. He joined BusinessObjects in 2007 as a software development engineer. He worked on the new semantic layer used in the business intelligence products such as SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. In 2010, Gaëtan became a product manager for the WebI product, working mainly on the 4.1 release. He currently works in product management for the SAP Advanced Analytics team and looks after predictive analytics and big data subjects. Gaëtan holds a master’s degree in computer science and data mining.


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