The author of »Organizational Management in SAP ERP HCM«

Soham Ray

Photo of Soham Ray
Soham Ray is a certified SAP ERP HCM consultant and trainer with more than ten years of experience. He has worked closely with SAP at various levels of his career, ranging from end user to project lead in both public and private sectors. Besides his experience in SAP ERP HCM, Soham has been the lead for organizational change management and the Center of Excellence at SAP. Soham began his career at Wipro, and has been part of numerous business processes related to management information systems (MIS), quality, training, and HR for over six years. A consultant, trainer, leader, and writer in his field, Soham has a deep passion for SAP software. Apart from implementations, numerous trainings with corporations gave him the opportunity to instruct and enrich end users and consultants. He has been associated with renowned companies such as SAP India Education, ATOS, HP, and JKTechnosoft. This book defines his knowledge and experience gained over the years. His passion lies in enriching learners with his thorough insight in the field of SAP.
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