The authors of »Official ABAP Programming Guidelines«

Horst Keller

Dr. Horst Keller has worked at SAP AG for many years. His experience includes managing the documentation and roll-out relating to ABAP and ABAP Objects.

Wolf Hagen Thümmel

Wolf Hagen Thümmel is a member of the TD Core AS&DM ABAP group and focuses on language-related tools in the ABAP environment as well as in the area of mass checks for quality assurance. He assumes responsibility for ABAP checkpoint statements and the related tools, memory analyses, and parts of the ABAP Debugger. Wolf Hagen Thümmel also deals with topics regarding the complexity of ABAP programs.

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    ABAP Objects
    ABAP Programming in SAP NetWeaver

    Horst Keller, Sascha Krüger

    1059 pages, hardcover with DVD 5

    If you're an ABAP developer, you need this book in your library. The second edition of this best-seller discusses all concepts of modern ABAP up to release 7.0. Topics include ABAP and Unicode, Shared Objects, exception handling, Web Dynpro ABAP, More about the book




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      The Official ABAP Reference

      Horst Keller

      1677 pages, hardcover with DVD 5

      Get to know ABAP in all its intricacy and detail with this, your comprehensive reference for all ABAP statements. Each chapter discusses the relevant keywords for the topic at hand, and begins with an introduction that explains the essential concepts, More about the book

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      • Explore comprehensive explanations of all ABAP statements
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