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James Wood

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James Wood is the founder and principal consultant of Bowdark Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in technology and custom development in the SAP landscape. Before starting Bowdark in 2006, James was an SAP NetWeaver consultant for SAP America, Inc. and IBM Corporation, where he was involved in many large-scale SAP implementations. James is also an SAP Mentor and author of several best-selling SAP titles. To learn more about James and this book, please check out his website at

Joseph Rupert

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Current titles

  • Cover of ABAP Cookbook

    ABAP Cookbook
    Programming Recipes for Everyday Solutions

    James Wood

    548 pages, hardcover

    With this book, get answers to typical ABAP development problems or tasks: persistence programming, interface programming, security and tracing techniques, etc. The complexity of the "recipes" ranges from the simple starter plates to the complex main courses—and some sweet deserts, More about the book



    • Find answers to common and complex programming problems in various tutorials
    • Learn the classic and modern techniques for developing solutions in ABAP
    • Explore detailed code samples throughout the book
  • Cover of Web Dynpro ABAP

    Web Dynpro ABAP
    The Comprehensive Guide

    James Wood, Shaan Parvaze

    784 pages, hardcover

    Writing a Web Dynpro ABAP application may be a job, but it can also be a craft—and in this book, you have the tool you need to become a master. Start with the basics, jump right into advanced concepts, or More about the book



    • Master beginning, intermediate, and advanced skills for working with WDA
    • Explore special topics like the Floorplan Manager and integration with SAP NetWeaver Portal
    • Apply your skills to solve practical exercises that illustrate WDA concepts in action
  • Cover of BOPF: Business Object Development

    BOPF: Business Object Development

    James Wood, Joseph Rupert

    51 pages

    In this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to use the Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) in tandem with ABAP OOP skills to build powerful business solutions. Manage the lifecycle of business objects to speed up, standardize, and modularize your development. This More about the book



    • Discover the anatomy of a business object, from nodes to queries
    • Learn to work with the BOPF Client API
    • Build and enhance business objects
  • Cover of ABAP Unit: Writing and Executing Unit Tests

    ABAP Unit: Writing and Executing Unit Tests

    James Wood, Joseph Rupert

    46 pages

    In this E-Bite, you’ll learn how to develop and execute automated unit tests using the ABAP Unit test framework. Verify outcomes and validate the results of paths throughout your ABAP OOP code with these tests! This E-Bite was originally published More about the book



    • Define and implement unit test classes
    • Execute and evaluate test results
    • Understand the benefits of test-driven and behavior-driven development