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Sandip Dholakia

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Sandip Dholakia is an author, cryptographer, and information security professional. He works as a principal security architect within the Global Security and Compliance group at SAP America. Sandip is a co-chair of the Cryptography Center of Excellence (CoE) and a core member of the AI for Security task force at SAP. As a co-chair of Cryptography CoE, he is actively engaged in developing an enterprise-wide cryptoagility program, focusing on post-quantum cryptography strategies. Before joining SAP, Sandip was an information security architect at Cisco and a security architect and compliance leader at General Motors.

Sandip holds a US patent and defensive publication for designing and developing a cryptography-based antitheft algorithm. He has also published a book and papers about various security topics, including log management, zero-trust architecture, encryption, and security configuration. Sandip graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with dual master’s degrees in software engineering and information systems management. He holds CISSP, CCSP, CCSK, GWAPT, and AWS security certifications. Please visit Google Scholar for the complete list of his publications.
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    Logging for SAP S/4HANA Security

    Sandip Dholakia

    107 pages

    Logs are useful for more than just record-keeping. Learn how to analyze, use, and manage logs to improve your SAP S/4HANA security with this E-Bite! Start by accessing your logs, whether you’re running SAP S/4HANA on-premise or in the cloud. More about the book



    • Work with system logs in SAP S/4HANA, on-premise and in the cloud
    • Secure SAP S/4HANA with tools like UI data protection logging
    • Manage, protect, and maintain logs