The authors of »Mobilizing Your Enterprise with SAP«

Sanjeet Mall

Photo of Sanjeet Mall
Sanjeet Mall is a chief architect for Mobile Applications in the Mobile Application Unit at SAP, where his focus is to create architecture and technology that enables rapid mobile application development. In over ten years at SAP, he has worked in almost all areas of the software lifecycle: development, architecture, consulting, product management, and management.

Tzanko Stefanov

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Tzanko Stefanov is a director of product management at SAP. Previously he worked in several different leadership roles in the areas of SAP NetWeaver and SAP CRM.

Stanley Stadelman

Photo of Stanley Stadelman
Stanley Stadelman is the product manager for the SAP Mobile Platform, which is focused on the definition and delivery of the technologies that are the backbone of SAP's mobility strategy. Prior to the integration of Sybase into SAP, he was the product manager for Sybase Unwired Platform and worked in the strategic initiatives group, where he focused on emerging technologies in mobile, analytics, messaging, cloud, and social applications and infrastructure.
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    SAP Web Client
    A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

    Tzanko Stefanov, Armand Sezikeye, Sanjeet Mall

    624 pages, hardcover

    This is your comprehensive guide to developing and enhancing applications with SAP Web Client. Focusing on development tasks and practical examples, this book will take you on a journey through the Web Client framework, discussing different programming layers and development More about the book



    • Build a full-fledged, enterprise-ready application using SAP Web Client
    • Explore practical examples that demonstrate SAP Web Client development concepts in a clear, easy-to-follow manner
    • Learn about BSP programming, GenIL programming, and UI configuration and personalization