The authors of »Mobile Development for SAP«

Dave Haseman

Photo of Dave Haseman
Dave Haseman is the IBM professor of information technology management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), where he is currently the director of the SAP University Competence Center. The center operates close to 50 production SAP systems and utilizes its own private cloud environment to deliver SAP to over 60,000 students a year. He has been involved in the development and use of SAP NetWeaver tools, including Portal, Visual Composer, and NetWeaver Development Studio, and has developed the global SAP NetWeaver curriculum used by the SAP University Alliance. His current project efforts focus on developing SAP mobile curriculum for use by the University Alliance.

Ross Hightower

Photo of Ross Hightower
Ross Hightower is a member of a global team tasked by the SAP University Alliance with developing curriculum based on SAP mobile technologies. He has been a professor of information science for 21 years and first became involved with SAP products six years ago while a professor at the University of Central Florida, where he helped to develop one of the largest programs in the SAP University Alliance.
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