Explore core warehousing processes with stock room management!

Introducing Stock Room Management with SAP S/4HANA

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76 pages, E-book formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, online
ISBN 978-1-4932-2007-6
What is stock room management? Does it fit your needs? What can (and can’t) it do? With this E-Bite, understand why you would use stock room management—and how. See how this new SAP S/4HANA option handles your warehousing data, from organizational structures to inbound, outbound, and internal processing. Preview your migration and choose your best warehousing path!
  • Discover stock room management for basic warehouse operations
  • Explore goods receipt, putaway, picking, and more
  • Plan your SAP S/4HANA transition for warehouse management

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Sanil Kimmatkar is a warehouse management (WM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) specialist with expertise in logistics execution.

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