The authors of »Internet of Things with SAP«

Sijesh Manohar Valiyaveettil

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Sijesh Manohar Valiyaveettil is a vice president in IoT product development at SAP Labs LLC in Palo Alto, California. Sijesh has successfully led global software product development teams at SAP, both in India and the United States. During his leadership, he has managed to deliver successful software products from the ground up, notably in the area of supply chain. His core expertise is in bringing in the right mix of technical and business expertise in the design and development of innovative, new software products. More recently, he has extensively worked in the research and development of new IoT products at SAP. He has been instrumental in the global enablement of SAP partners on the latest SAP IoT offerings and also guided them to realize their customers’ IoT use cases.
You can find him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

PVN PavanKumar

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PVN PavanKumar is a director of IoT product management at SAP Labs India, where he is focused on product definition and go-to-market activities. Having extensive experience working with global customers in emerging and developed markets, PVN’s expertise is in the areas of IoT, sustainability, and analytics. His specialties are product strategy and execution and customer and partner engagement.
PVN is an active member of IEEE Standards Working Group and NSDC – NASSCOM IoT SSC Workgroup for the IoT topic. He also acts as an evangelist by being a guest speaker numerous times, in various forums, where he talks about enterprise IoT businesses, shares its concept, and educates the audience to understand its relevance in the current digital era. These forums range from academia, to corporates, to industry forums. Along with public speaking, he has also shared his vision about IoT enterprise practice in several blogs and external publications. PVN has also received a national-level award from IET India for displaying IoT thought leadership.
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Shyam Ravindranathan

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Shyam Ravindranathan is a director of product management in IoT at SAP Labs LLC in Palo Alto, California. He is focused on product strategy, definition, and roll out, in addition to engaging with customers on the IoT product portfolio. Shyam is a technology enthusiast and has worked in different roles in development, consulting in technologies spanning from SAP Cloud Platform, cloud-native applications, SAP HANA, and SAP Mobile Platform. He also worked as the chief of staff of the executive vice president at SAP. Shyam regularly represents SAP at various customer events and forums as an evangelist on enterprise and technology topics, and has experience working in multiple geographies including the United States, Europe, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
You can find him on LinkedIn or Twitter.
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