The author of »Integrating SAP HANA and Hadoop«

Aron MacDonald

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Aron MacDonald is an independent SAP HANA consultant, currently working for Shell Oil Company. His area of focus is the integration between SAP HANA and Hadoop. He is an SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer (HDE), which is an SAP program devoted to recognizing and promoting SAP HANA technical skills. 


Current titles

  • Cover of SAP HANA Vora: Functions and Integration
    SAP HANA Vora: Functions and Integration

    Aron MacDonald

    88 pages

    Bridge the digital divide between SAP HANA, Apache Spark, and Hadoop with this E-Bite on SAP HANA Vora. Learn about Vora's functions, from working with hierarchies to organizing data to leveraging Apache Spark for enriched query analysis. Then explore how More about the book



    • See how SAP HANA Vora extends Apache Spark and Hadoop for SAP
    • Use SAP HANA Vora to work with hierarchies, unit of measure conversions, and currency conversions
    • Consume and combine SAP HANA and Hadoop data