The authors of »Implementing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation«

Peter Jones

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Peter Jones is a senior BI/BPC application consultant with MI6 Solutions LLC specializing in the areas of CO, EC, BI/BOBJ, SEM, and BPC. He has over sixteen years of consulting and educational experience in a variety of strategic and leadership roles, focused on global architecture and strategies for BI, ERP, and BPC.

Peter’s diverse professional background includes consulting experience and academic experience in the areas of Finance, Controlling, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Management, and Corporate Governance. He has been involved with numerous implementations for SAP in the areas of CO, SEM, BI, EPM, and ERP from the blueprint phase through to the go-live process. His responsibilities include all aspects from strategic BI/BPC analysis to the core configuration in all areas. Peter has experience with many industry-specific cross-application areas such as automotive, utilities, entertainment, consumer, banking, and public sector.

Previous to his role at MI6 Solutions, he was a principal/platinum business application consultant with SAP Professional Services, specializing in all of the areas noted above. As a subject matter expert, Peter was involved in the review, configuration, and analysis for many projects with global and local requirements. He has completed work on the development of the course curriculum for CO, SEM, BW, BI, BPC, APO and the Auditing Application for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance. Peter has also developed and presented numerous topics for the University Alliance such as Data Mining, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act). A presenter at ASUG, SAPPHIRE, and BI conferences, Peter has spoken on the topics of CO, SOX, SEM, and BW. He is also an editor/writer for FICO Expert and BI Expert and has written several books on BI data modeling and reporting and FI/CO configuration for SAP.

Peter has a BA and MBA from Drexel University in Finance and is SAP-certified in the areas of FI, CO, BI/BOBJ, SEM, and BPC. Prior to SAP he owned his own business for 15 years and worked in the area of accounting and finance.

Charles Soper

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Tim Soper is a senior SAP educational consultant and has been with SAP for over 15 years, with expertise in FI, CO, BI, SEM, and BPC. He has been involved with the development of numerous courses, including CO, BI, SEM and BPC and is a course owner of several of them. As an instructor, he has taught courses at all levels from novice to advanced workshops. He has been involved in a number of review and customer assignments in the BI and BPC areas, for which he is a subject matter expert and is often requested to offer advice and expertise.

Tim has written articles in the areas of BI and BPC for the BI Expert and has been a contributing author on other books in the BI area. He has a BA and MBA from the University of Rochester in Finance and is SAP-certified in the areas of FI, CO, BI, and BPC. Previous to SAP he worked for Eastman Kodak Company in various finance and accounting positions.

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