The author of »Hands On with SAP HANA Cloud Platform for IoT«

Craig Cmehil

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Craig Cmehil has been a community and technology evangelist for SAP for the past 10 years, where he has worked in various roles from technology strategy to communications to developer relations. He founded both SAP CodeJam and SAP InnoJam in an effort to engage with developers from all over the world. His specialties are SAP HANA, IoT, and DevOps.


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  • Cover of Hands On with SAP HANA XS
    Hands On with SAP HANA XS

    Craig Cmehil

    84 pages

    Calling all SAP developers! Want to get to know SAP HANA XS and native SAP HANA development? Then this is the E-Bite for you. Learn to set up your development environment, write your code, and enhance your application with some More about the book



    • Set up your environment for SAP HANA XS development
    • Write your first SAP HANA native application in no time flat
    • Learn how to enhance your application with JavaScript and more